FreeGrid 0.6.1

Manage CSV style spreadsheets

FreeGrid is a spreadsheet program for your Palm device, and it's completely free!

Some key features of this program include:

  • Editable columns and rows (insert, delete, resize)
  • Sheet name
  • Quick sheet selection (list of sheet names)
  • Text/cell color
  • 4 fonts (std, bold, large, bold large)
  • Copy/Paste between cells
  • Import/Export from MemoPad (CSV)
  • Grayscale support (OS 3.5+)
  • Sony Clié Hi-Resolution (320x320)
  • 3 zoom levels with Clié Hi-Res (std, small, tiny)
  • Scroll with Jog Dial on Clié

A great way of dealing with spreadsheets on your PDA.

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FreeGrid 0.6.1

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